Goddess Braids

Goddess/Bohemian Box Braids


Please expect 4 hours minimum for this services as timing may vary depending on the length and volume of your natural hair. In some cases this style may take longer or less than the time recommended – long story short, save the whole day. Are you ready to slay like the Goddess you are? These braids are your traditional box braids with inserts of curly hair to create the mix hair style. Why choose Goddess Braids? Well for one, Goddess Braids are a twist on traditional Box Braids so they are used to protect your natural hair from heat and water damage giving you the upmost versatility in styling (and fun). You can have your hair in Goddess Braids between 4-6 weeks and sometimes even up to 8 weeks, its all down to how well you look after them. Finally, Goddess Braids are the ultimate protective ‘get up and go’ hair style with very low maintenance, so all you need to do is make sure those edges/baby hairs are slayed daily!


Key Information

A wash, condition and blowdry service is also available but must be booked separately (this service is usually £25 but discounted at £15 when booked with additional service) – No need to apply any products as we will have that covered, we will always blowdry your hair before braiding.your scalp moisturised by using hair grease, castor oil or braid spray 3/4 times a week which is available to purchase at the salon.


After care is very easy and simple, we recommend you use a durag, scarf, bandanna or even some old tights when going to bed, this is to keep your hair neat and tidy for longer. – We advise you keep your scalp moisturised by using hair grease, castor oil or braid spray 3/4 times a week which is available to purchase at the salon.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment please contact the salon directly on 01628 954528 within 48 hours. 


You will need to provide the curly hair – please see below for the recommended brand FreeTress Water Wave Each pack of braiding hair is sold at £2.99 (£3.49 for Ombre colors) per pack which is available at the salon, usually between 3 to 5 packs of hair will achieve a full head of braids. (clients are welcome to bring their own braiding extensions but MUST be the Xpression brand) -You MUST specify choice of hair extension colour under ‘Xpression Hair Colour Number’ tab on the booking form. Colour options may vary, if you do not see the colour you want on the chart below then please state the colour you would like and we will try our best to accommodate this for you. – Hair accessories are at extra cost. 



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