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Do you hesitate while looking at the mirror every morning you get ready for work? Or is it difficult to make those cute funky braids you used to make when you were younger, just because your hair doesn’t look healthy anymore? Do you cover your face with tons of makeup layers like cake frosting to hide those pigmentation spots and skin irregularities? If any of this is you or your loved one, look no further! We, at Nubience, are set on a mission to make you feel and look the best version of yourselves. Nubience is an Afro Caribbean hair and beauty salon in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Natural hair and black skincare needs vary greatly from those of others.

Our hair has a relatively higher density and a slower growth rate since they are coiled upon themselves. Afro skin is also prone to many skin conditions with the most common being hyperpigmentation. Nubience hairstylists  know how to take good care of Natural hair.

So if you’re worried about black skincare and out on a hunt of a Black skin beauticians, head over to King Street in Maidenhead, and voila! Nubience specializes in Black skincare and is a second home to all of you. Head over to the Maidenhead to get the best salon experience by the very skilled Afro hairdressers in Maidenhead. You have to be in someone else’s shoes to understand their problem, that’s the same with managing Black skin and hair. Well, are we on the same page? Definitely yes! Nubience provides expert-level Afro hair and skincare services here in Maidenhead.


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